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Wholesale 19/19 Downstem Display - Essential Accessory for Smoke Shops

🌟 Product Overview: Introduce precision and variety to your smoke shop with our exclusive Wholesale 19/19 Downstem Display. This collection includes 49 expertly crafted downstems, each designed to fit 19mm by 19mm water pipe joints perfectly. The set is neatly presented in a stylish display, ideal for enhancing your shop's product lineup and customer satisfaction.

🔍 Detailed Specifications:

  • Count: 49 downstems
  • Sizes: 7 different lengths to accommodate various water pipe heights
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for 19mm by 19mm joints
  • Material: Premium glass for optimal durability and a clean aesthetic
  • Packaging: Arranged in an attractive and functional display case

❤️ Why Opt for Our Downstem Display?

  • Customization: Offers extensive size options to fulfill the needs of all customers, ensuring they find the perfect match for their pipes.
  • Superior Quality: Constructed with high-grade materials to guarantee longevity and a premium smoking experience.
  • Retail Ready: Comes in a retail-friendly display that not only saves space but also attracts the eye of the discerning smoker.

🌐 Designed for Wholesale Success: Our downstem display is the ideal solution for wholesalers looking to supply smoke shops with top-tier smoking accessories. With comprehensive options and exceptional quality, these downstems are sure to be a hit, driving both sales and customer loyalty.

🚀 Enhance Your Inventory: Stocking this diverse set of downstems allows smoke shops to cater to a wider audience, ensuring that they can meet the needs of every customer who walks through their doors.