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Glass Bubble V2 Carb Cap for Bangers – 20 Count Jar

Product Overview Upgrade your smoke shop inventory with the Glass Bubble V2 Carb Cap, designed for optimal use with bangers. This version introduces enhancements over its predecessor, offering improved functionality and design to enhance the dabbing experience. Its bubble style allows for precise airflow control, ensuring effective vaporization of concentrates. The caps are housed in a 20-count jar, making them perfect for wholesale purchases and retail distribution.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Design: The V2 model comes with a more compact and efficient air inlet at the top and a directional airflow tip at the bottom, facilitating better manipulation of airflow.
  • Bubble Style: Provides a complete seal on flat-top bangers for effective airflow management.
  • Glass Construction: Offers durability and maintains the purity of flavors at high temperatures.
  • Wholesale Quantity: Packaged in jars of 20 units each, ideal for bulk purchase and resale.

Why Stock Our Bubble V2 Carb Cap?

  • Optimized Airflow Control: Allows for precise air direction, enhancing concentrate usage and flavor preservation.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made from glass that withstands frequent use and high temperatures without affecting taste.
  • Attractive and Functional: Sleek design that appeals to both new and experienced dabbers.
  • Retail Ready: Each cap is designed for easy display and sale, boosting the appeal of your store’s accessories section.

Consider adding the Glass Bubble V2 Carb Cap to your offerings to provide your customers with a top-tier accessory that enhances their dabbing setup, ensuring a more efficient and enjoyable experience.