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🌿 Glass Daisy Screens for Dry Herbs

Overview: Enhance your inventory with our Glass Daisy Screens, designed to offer an aesthetically pleasing and effective solution for smoking dry herbs. These screens are perfect for smoke shops that cater to enthusiasts seeking a premium, tasteful smoking experience.


  • Elegant Daisy Design: Crafted with a beautiful daisy pattern that not only looks great but also optimizes airflow and prevents clogging.
  • High-Quality Glass Material: Made from durable, heat-resistant glass to ensure clean taste and consistent performance.
  • Versatile Fit: Easily fits into most standard smoking pipes and devices, adding versatility to your product lineup.
  • Simple to Clean: Smooth glass surface allows for easy cleaning, maintaining hygiene and enhancing usability.
  • Reusable and Economical: Offers a sustainable alternative to traditional screens, with the ability to use and clean repeatedly.

Why Your Shop Should Stock This: Glass Daisy Screens are a functional and charming addition to any smoke shop’s accessories range. They provide a significant upgrade over traditional screens by combining functionality with aesthetic appeal, which can attract a wider range of customers.

Enhance Your Customer's Experience: Stocking these attractive glass daisy screens in your store not only enhances the visual appeal of your offerings but also ensures your customers enjoy a cleaner and more enjoyable smoking session. Their unique design and practical benefits make them a must-have item for any discerning smoker.