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White Rhino Adjustable Silicone Downstem – Glow in the Dark, 35 Count Display, Available in 7 Colors

Light up your inventory with the White Rhino Adjustable Silicone Downstem, now available with glow-in-the-dark functionality. This innovative downstem enhances any smoking session with its adjustable design and vibrant, luminescent colors. Ideal for night-time use or in low-light environments, these downstems offer both functionality and a fun visual twist.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Length: Easily adaptable, this downstem can be adjusted from 1 inch up to 8.5 inches, ensuring a perfect fit for a variety of waterpipes and smoking setups.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Silicone: Crafted from high-quality silicone that glows in the dark, this downstem not only adds a whimsical element to the smoking experience but also makes it easier to handle and use in dim conditions.
  • Multiple Color Options: Available in 7 eye-catching glow-in-the-dark colors, these downstems allow users to personalize their smoking gear and add a unique flair to their collection.
  • Wholesale Pack: Sold in a 35 count display, these downstems are packaged for easy stocking and display, making them a standout addition to any smoke shop or distributor's inventory.

Benefits for Retailers:

  • Enhance Customer Engagement: The unique glow-in-the-dark feature serves as a great selling point, attracting customers looking for something different in their smoking accessories.
  • Versatile and Economical: With its adjustable length, one downstem fits multiple types of rigs and bongs, reducing the need for extensive varied stock and simplifying inventory management.
  • Increase Sales Potential: These downstems not only appeal to traditional users but also attract a younger demographic intrigued by innovative and visually appealing smoking accessories.

Stock the White Rhino Adjustable Silicone Downstem and watch your sales glow. Perfect for any smoker who enjoys a personalized, adaptable, and visually exciting smoking experience, this downstem is a must-have for retailers looking to brighten their offerings and captivate more customers.