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14mm 45° Male Quartz Banger 4mm - 5 Count Display

Enhance your wholesale offerings with our robust 14mm 45° Male Quartz Banger, crafted from 4mm thick quartz for unparalleled durability and superior heat retention. This premium banger is a must-have for any smoke shop or dispensary, designed to provide a consistently flawless dabbing experience. Packaged in a convenient 5 count display, these bangers are perfect for retailers looking to attract discerning customers who demand the best in dabbing equipment.

Key Features:

  • Thick Quartz Construction: Made from 4mm thick high-quality quartz, these bangers offer exceptional heat retention, allowing for longer, more controlled dabbing sessions without rapid temperature fluctuations.
  • 45° Joint Angle: The 45-degree angle is ideal for many dab rigs, providing a comfortable setup that reduces the chance of tipping and makes the application of concentrates easier.
  • 14mm Male Joint: Ensures a perfect fit with all corresponding 14mm female joints, making these bangers highly compatible with a wide range of dab rigs and water pipes.
  • Superior Durability: The thickness and quality of the quartz used in these bangers make them resistant to thermal shock and breakage, extending their lifespan and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Retail-Ready Display: Each unit is packaged in sets of five, making them easy to display and sell. The professional packaging enhances shelf presence and appeals to consumers looking for reliable dabbing accessories.

Benefits for Retailers:

  • Attract High-End Users: Cater to experienced dabbers looking for high-end accessories that provide a consistent and enhanced dabbing experience.
  • Boost Sales Potential: Premium bangers like these can command higher price points, improving your profit margins and encouraging larger purchases.
  • Enhance Product Lineup: Adding these premium quartz bangers to your inventory diversifies your offerings and positions your store as a destination for top-tier dabbing equipment.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: By providing durable, high-performance bangers, you enhance overall customer satisfaction, encouraging loyalty and repeat business.

Stock the 14mm 45° Male Quartz Banger 4mm in your store to offer your customers a top-tier product that combines functionality, style, and durability. Ideal for smoke shops and dispensaries looking to elevate their inventory with products that cater to both novice and veteran dabbers, these bangers are essential for anyone serious about their dabbing experience.