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14mm 90° Male Quartz Banger 2mm - 5 Count Display

Enhance your wholesale offerings with our 14mm 90° Male Quartz Banger, crafted from 2mm thick quartz for precise heat control and swift heat-up times. This expertly designed banger is essential for any serious dabber, offering a perfect balance of durability and functionality. Packaged in a 5 count display, these bangers are ideal for retailers looking to provide high-quality, reliable dabbing solutions to discerning customers.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Quartz Material: Constructed from 2mm thick quartz, these bangers heat quickly and maintain optimal temperatures for effective dabbing.
  • 90° Joint Angle: The perpendicular design is perfect for flat surfaces and standard rigs, ensuring stability and ease of use.
  • 14mm Male Joint: This universal size fits seamlessly with all corresponding 14mm female joints, making these bangers a versatile choice for a variety of dab rigs.
  • Efficient Design: The thinner wall allows for rapid heating, making these bangers ideal for dabbers who appreciate quick and efficient dabbing sessions.
  • Retail-Ready Packaging: Each package contains five quartz bangers, making it easy to stock and display in your shop. The professional and appealing packaging is designed to catch the eye of potential buyers.

Benefits for Retailers:

  • Attract Enthusiast Dabbers: These quartz bangers appeal to both new and experienced dabbers who demand precision and efficiency in their dabbing accessories.
  • Increase Sales Volume: High-quality bangers like these encourage larger transactions and can lead to repeat purchases as customers return for the best dabbing accessories.
  • Enhance Product Lineup: Adding these premium quartz bangers to your inventory expands your range and allows you to cater to a broader customer base.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: Providing products that perform well and enhance the dabbing experience can significantly boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Stock the 14mm 90° Male Quartz Banger 2mm in your store to offer your customers a superior dabbing tool that combines sleek design with practical performance. Ideal for smoke shops and dispensaries looking to elevate their inventory with high-quality dabbing products, these bangers ensure a refined and enjoyable experience for every dab enthusiast.