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19mm 45° Male Quartz Banger 2mm - 5 Count Display

Elevate your wholesale offerings with our 19mm 45° Male Quartz Banger, crafted from 2mm thick premium quartz for rapid heat-up and effective heat management. This larger-sized banger is designed to cater to experienced dabbers who prefer robust sessions and expansive setups. Offered in a 5 count display, these bangers are perfect for retailers aiming to attract discerning customers who demand quality and durability in their dabbing accessories.

Key Features:

  • Premium Quartz Material: Constructed from 2mm thick quartz, this banger quickly reaches dabbing temperature and effectively maintains it, allowing for consistent, flavorful vapor production.
  • 45° Joint Angle: The angle provides an ergonomic approach to dabbing, facilitating easier access and a more comfortable user experience, especially on larger rigs.
  • 19mm Male Joint: This larger joint size is ideal for heavy-duty dab rigs, providing a secure fit and robust handling for enthusiastic dabbers.
  • Optimal Heat Distribution: The thinner quartz wall offers swift heat-up times while still retaining sufficient heat for thorough vaporization of concentrates.
  • Convenient Retail Packaging: Each set includes five quartz bangers, attractively packaged for retail sales. This packaging is designed to stand out on shelves and encourage purchases by making the product easily accessible and appealing.

Benefits for Retailers:

  • Attract Advanced Dabbers: These larger 19mm bangers are specifically suited for seasoned users looking for enhancements to their existing setups, drawing in a market segment that values substantive upgrades.
  • Increase Sales Potential: With a focus on quality and size, these bangers can command a premium, improving profit margins and appealing to a high-end customer base.
  • Enhance Product Diversity: Offering this specific size and style of banger allows you to cater to a niche but significant portion of the dabbing community, enhancing your store's reputation as a comprehensive supplier.
  • Promote Customer Satisfaction: High-quality bangers like these ensure user satisfaction by providing durability, efficiency, and consistent performance, encouraging repeat business.

Include the 19mm 45° Male Quartz Banger 2mm in your store to provide your customers with a superior dabbing tool that combines large-scale functionality with precise heat control. Ideal for smoke shops and dispensaries looking to cater to serious dabbers, these bangers are essential for anyone focused on enhancing their dabbing experience with reliable, high-performance equipment.