A terp pearl, also known as a dab pearl or dabbing pearl, is a small, spherical accessory used in conjunction with a dab rig or a dabbing setup. It is typically made of heat-resistant materials such as quartz, ceramic.

 The purpose of the terp pearl is to enhance the vaporization and flavor of the concentrate. As the concentrate melts and vaporizes, the terp pearl rolls around within the banger or nail, agitating the oil and increasing the surface area exposed to the heat. This increased surface area can lead to more efficient vaporization and can help to distribute the heat more evenly, ensuring a more thorough and consistent vaporization of the concentrate.

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Terp balls, also known as terp pearls, are tiny, spherical glass balls used in the dabbing process to enhance the vaporization of concentrates. Placed inside a dab rig's banger, these balls are designed to move around the heated surface when inhaled, evenly distributing the concentrate and heat. This action maximizes the surface area in contact with the heat, ensuring a more efficient and uniform vaporization. As a result, users experience more flavorful and potent hits, making terp balls a popular accessory among dabbing enthusiasts.

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