A terp ball and chain is an innovative accessory designed for enhancing the dabbing experience. This unique tool consists of a small ball-shaped attachment connected to a chain, resembling a traditional ball and chain. The ball is typically made of heat-resistant material, such as quartz or ceramic, and is used as a carb cap for a dab rig or banger nail. When placed on top of the nail, the ball cap helps to regulate airflow and control the temperature inside the dabbing chamber, optimizing the vaporization of concentrates. The chain allows for easy manipulation of the carb cap, making it convenient to adjust and distribute heat evenly. The terp ball and chain not only adds a touch of style to your dab rig but also offers functional benefits for achieving flavorful and efficient dabs.
User manual

What is a terp ball and chain

A terp ball and chain is a unique accessory used with deep style bangers. It consists of a specialized carb cap designed in the shape of a ball, attached to a chain-like glass extension. The purpose of the terp ball and chain is to enhance the dabbing experience. When placed on a quartz banger or other dabbing surface, the ball portion of the carb cap swivels freely, allowing for precise control of airflow and vaporization. The chain serves to maximize the movement and distribution of air, ensuring thorough vaporization of the concentrates. This innovative design enables users to savor the full flavor and potency of their dabs, providing a smooth and enjoyable session.

The silicone caps on the jar can also be used a concentrate storage and spinning carb cap

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