Terp Slurper 4 Piece Marble Set with Convertible Packaging

Transform your dabbing experience with the Terp Slurper 4 Piece Marble Set, specifically designed to optimize the functionality of terp slurpers. This set includes four precision-crafted marbles in sizes that enhance airflow and heat retention, all while packaged in a unique case that doubles as a functional silicone jar with a spinner carb cap.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Set: Includes one large 18mm marble, one medium 11mm marble, and two small 6mm marbles, perfect for fine-tuning the airflow and maximizing the vaporization of concentrates.
  • High-Quality Construction: Crafted from durable glass that resists thermal shock and maintains purity of flavor, these marbles ensure reliable performance and longevity.
  • Dual-Purpose Packaging: The innovative packaging not only protects the marbles during transport but also converts into a silicone jar with a spinner carb cap on the bottom. This feature provides added value and convenience, reducing clutter and enhancing utility.
  • Enhanced Vaporization: The marbles work synergistically to maintain optimal temperature and airflow within the terp slurper, facilitating thorough and efficient concentrate usage, and delivering a superior dabbing experience.

Benefits for Users:

  • Optimal Heat Control: The various sizes of the marbles allow for precise control over heat distribution, ensuring concentrates are evenly vaporized without overheating.
  • Efficient Use of Concentrates: By improving the seal and airflow dynamics in the terp slurper, these marbles help to minimize waste and maximize the potency and flavor of each dab.
  • Convenience and Innovation: The convertible packaging design not only offers safe storage for the marbles but also serves as a practical tool for everyday dabbing needs, showcasing a commitment to innovation and user satisfaction.

Elevate your dabbing setup with the Terp Slurper 4 Piece Marble Set, where functionality meets convenience. This set is an indispensable addition for any dab enthusiast looking to enhance efficiency, flavor, and enjoyment in their sessions.