Terp Slurper 4 Piece Marble Set with Convertible Packaging

Transform your dabbing sessions with the Terp Slurper 4 Piece Marble Set, expertly crafted to optimize your terp slurper's performance. This set not only improves heat distribution and airflow for a superior dabbing experience but also comes with innovative packaging that doubles as a functional silicone jar with a spinner carb.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Set: Includes a diverse range of marble sizes with one large 18mm marble, one medium 11mm marble, and two small 6mm marbles, allowing for customized airflow control and heat retention.
  • High-Quality Materials: Each marble is crafted from durable glass designed to withstand high temperatures, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • Dual-Purpose Packaging: Unique among dabbing accessories, the set’s packaging converts into a silicone jar, complete with a spinner carb at the bottom, enhancing usability and providing added value.
  • Optimal Vaporization: The marbles create an effective seal within the terp slurper, maintaining ideal temperatures for thorough vaporization of concentrates, leading to efficient use and robust flavor.

Benefits for Users:

  • Enhanced Flavor and Efficiency: These marbles enhance the flavor of concentrates by maintaining optimal temperatures and improving vapor condensation within the terp slurper.
  • Innovative Storage Solution: The convertible silicone jar packaging not only stores the marbles safely but also serves as a practical tool for handling concentrates, with the spinner carb facilitating easy mixing and handling.
  • Aesthetic and Functional: The set not only improves the functionality of terp slurpers but also adds an aesthetic flair to the setup, making each dabbing session both stylish and satisfying.

Ideal for both novice and experienced dabbers, the Terp Slurper 4 Piece Marble Set is essential for anyone looking to elevate their concentrate consumption. Experience enhanced efficiency, flavor, and convenience with this innovative marble set and its unique, multi-functional packaging.